Currently, shipping volume is accounted for 80% of total international transportation, and containers are used in most long-haul cargo transportation. The reasons of sea transport comparing with other international freight shipping ways:
  • Carrying routing capacity. Sea transportation is not like trains, cars which are limited by rails and roads, it has an extensive natural waterway to carry the goods which makes its ability to a high level.
  •  Large carrying volume. Vessel transport capacity is far greater than the rail transport and cars. For example, a 10 thousand tons ship is generally equivalent to the load capacity of 250 to 300 wagons.
  • Low shipping costs. In accordance with the view of scale economies, as the large volume, long distance, sharing transportation costs per unit is very low, then total freight rate is low relatively.
We chose Chabahar as our specialized main port because of competitive advantages, same as:
  • Lower freight charges than BND
  • High speed and lower prices of clearance
  • Our skilled expert for clearance
  • Lower THC rate -Shorter transit time
  • Free sanction and free zone We work based on bulk and containers,