Selection of the mode of transport is conditioned by factors such as the destination country, the nature, value, and volume of the goods, and the planned delivery time.

The transit company must advise the exporter with respect to the itineraries and the shipping mode or combination of modes, which must be contracted for each leg of the journey, Maritime, regulated by the Hague Rules, and where the contract is formalized in the bill of lading.

Where the contract is formalized in the CMR carrier letter, regulated by the CMR Convention.
Regulated by the Montreal Convention and with the contract formalized in the air carrier letter.
 Where the contract is formalized in the CIM carrier letter and regulated by the CIM Convention. Although most goods packed into containers travel on container ships that follow regular intercontinental routes, there are also goods that travel by air, while transport across a single continent mainly takes place by lorry or train.
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