Air Cargo

We offer competitive solutions based on space and price commitments. Our experience for several years help us to put our customers in the safe side, Speed and cost are the most important factors for our team and they apply the “Just in Time” method being able to accommodate last-minute decisions in critical situations. Our air services: • Scheduled services • Full Charters • First flight out service • Consolidation • Insurance for cargo • Customs clearance and documentation • Combined Air, Sea or air transport? Sea or air transport? Generally, the value of the product compared to its volume significant impact on the use or non-use of air transport. air transport just seems more plausible when time factor is very important. Air transport fares to compensate for high-volume loads of style but there is a rule according to which at least 167 kilograms per cubic meter load is 167 kg otherwise number to consider it.
“Iranian Hoortash Company” is very experienced in knowing which alternatives exist to get your package delivered to any location as quickly as possible! We transfer your orders through Turkey, Dubai and Russia and we have some reasonable connections because our goal is to give you the peace of mind needed to get your job done while we do your deliveries routinely in the expected time and manner.